Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NJTOY on the radio! - May 4, 2010

Here I am at the console - first time ever!

I go to Philadelphia today to do a Spanish language "Pride in Public Education" public service announcement for the NJEA. I arrive at WDAS-FM in Bala Cynwyd, PA, where I meet George Liles, an Account Executive for Clear Channel, Radio. George brings me to a studio where I meet Doug. Doug is working on sound for a radio program, doing several things at once - or at least, it seems like that to me! Here - once again - I have stepped into yet another world, so familiar to the people who work in it, but new to me.

Doug hard at work in the studio

George Liles

We do two takes, both fine, but the second a bit better. Doug says to watch the explosivity of the letter "p" which is like a little burst of air into the mike. I step back a bit and press my lips together every time a "p" comes out. In Spanish, the letter "p" is supposed to be like that anyway so it is a good awareness check.

I finish up the piece, share some stories about an attendance project that George is working on with area schools and a musical life-learning program that Doug has created. Good people doing good things for the world.

I leave Clear Channel and realize that I am hungry. I never notice this before I have another big thing to do.

There is a Starbucks around the corner. I know that besides coffee, they have great little cheese and fruit plates.

On the way over, I had listened to a radio program that encouraged people to eat about ten fruits and vegetable servings a day to live longer. Plants, the program said, stay in one place so they need to develop defenses against bad things. When we eat the plants, we eat the defense. I think of this as I eat my quarter apple, five grapes, a triangle of Brie.

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