Saturday, May 22, 2010

35,000 voices unite in Trenton today!

Christy Kanaby & Maryann Woods-Murphy, May 22nd, Trenton, N.J.

Today, it was my honor to speak for educators at a massive rally in Trenton! The NJEA and all unions in our state united to stand firm against the government cuts to all service areas. Stories of jobs slashed, classrooms bulging and programs dissolved were heart wrenching. Barbara Keshishian, the NJEA president, was inspirational!

The voice of justice was lifted! The cuts to education and services in our state are tragic for so many and solutions that would help fix the problems are overlooked!

Today was a much needed day of joy and optimism. New Jersey is the people who make it work. We are the transportation, the teachers, the communication workers, the firemen, the police. We are all the people who serve and do an honest day's work to help others and contribute to our state's greatness.

Our education system is the best in the nation. Our teachers are devoted. Our professionalism is enviable. Today, our state workers united and spoke with one voice.

Together, we will narrate the story of New Jersey. With one voice, we will prevail even in these difficult times! The tide is changing and the people will control New Jersey's destiny!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had been able to be with all of you today—I was certainly there in spirit. It is not about who gets the biggest piece of a shrinking pie, it’s about ensuring that those with the most wealth share the sacrifices proportionally to those with the least. It is about ensuring that the safety net remains, that our state strives to make public educational opportunities as equal as possible, rather than encouraging them to vary advantageously with rising income and the legal-citizenship status of one’s parents.
Looking forward to Tuesday in Hackensack!
Sally G.