Monday, February 22, 2010

Black History Month at Passaic's School #2

What can be better than visiting School # 2 in Passaic, especially during their well-prepared Black History Month Celebration. I was the guest of Ms. Dellostritto, a Kindergartern teacher at the school and was graciously hosted by the school principal and a very enthusiastic staff. The students were happy to have me and surprised that I was able to speak in Spanish!

The school's self description from its web site tells us:

Washington School 2 is a kindergarten through grade 2 School. We offer bilingual and monolingual instruction at every grade level. Our highly qualified teachers plan together on a weekly basis in order to bring the very best and most creative ideas to their classrooms. Out-of-classroom teachers and support personnel, like our school nurse, collaborate in order to provide enrichment opportunities for our students. Professional development opportunities are provided at faculty and extended day meetings.Washington School 2 has always been on the corner of Bergen and Market Streets. It was first built with three floors and eight rooms as a public school in the city in 1872. In 1898-99, it was enlarged to 22 rooms.

Some of my new friends at their assembly and after, back in the classroom

This is Ms. Dellostritto, my hostess for the day!

A wonderful day at School # 2

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