Friday, February 11, 2011

Teaching Excellence will lead us to China!!!

We spent the morning learning more about China. We learned about the economy, the food, haggling and luggage. We found out how to make phone calls and use unique bathrooms and be flexible.

As if we weren't excited enough, we saw a movie showing teachers visiting China last year. My eyes teared up!

I AM GOING TO CHINA!!!!!! We are so excited!!!!!

Thank you, NEA Foundation for dotting every "i" and crossing every "t". Thanks to Betty and Ariana, from the NEA Foundation, who pulled all of the partners together to create one happy, excited family (EF, The Pearson Foundation)!!! By the end of today, we all felt like we were familia.

I looked around the room and knew that the teachers and educational partners I could see were starting to become friends. In China, we'll deepen our bond and go on the adventure of a lifetime.

And tonight, The Gala!!!! I have to get myself organized!

In 45 minutes, I have to be at the NEA headquarters for a video interview and then back here to make myself glamerous, making the deft transition from "business casual" to evening gown. Will I survive this transformation?

I have so much energy from this morning that anything is possible!

See the dynamic Betty Paugh Ortiz (NEA Foundation) giving us some great facts about China!

Alex, from E.F, will faciliate our trip with humor and knowledge!

I am grinning ear to ear!!!

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