Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Mr. President,

Did you hear the applause coming from my house?

My family is filled with teachers representing elementary school through high school. Every day, our alarms ring early and we get up to push the ice off our cars to get to schools where the kids are waiting for us.

We want innovation. We go to work with a mission - our country needs jobs and our students need to connect, engage and transform their lives.

We want success for all children and to level the playing field to create opportunities. We know that every single kid we teach has a gift. It's our pleasure to help them hone their abilities, face the tough tasks of the day and turn themselves into exemplary young adults.

You scored a goal for education last night, Mr. President!

When a point is scored in sports, it creates energy on the field or court. Spectators can see how the players suddenly seem quicker and more focused. Sparks fly.

You did that for teachers last night.

“In America, innovation doesn’t just change our lives. It’s how we make a living.”

We foster talent in our classrooms by engaging our students in real-world connections and activities. We knock down barriers between race and creed when we teach character education and reflective learning.

Mr. President – we teachers want to reduce barriers to the growth and investment in our young people. Because of this, we need the support of our states and the utmost respect and cooperation of the American people.

Just like you said, we can’t make the plane fly without an engine. That plane might seem lighter in the beginning, but disaster would follow with no motor.

Without educators to fuel this innovation and to build this nation, we will not be able to win the future. Your words helped remind our nation that teachers are fighting on the front lines of excellence. We fight ignorance and build hope.

We do big things in our classrooms, Mr. President, and I can tell you that in my house and all around the country I call home – you made a lot of teachers happy.

This morning, in every state in our nation, children woke up to a dream about building a new tomorrow. We the teachers of these United States, stand ready to foster a more perfect union with parents, students and the public. Come on into our classrooms and share our vision.

Together, we will win the future for our children!

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Anonymous said...

Teachers are nation builders!!!!