Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lights! Cameras! Action!!! Films are being created in room 115!

Today, Ben and Caitlin are helping my students really start making our Pearson/NEA Foundation videos! Yesterday, we started with a few ideas, but today was very exciting!

First, all the students had to brainstorm. What IS it about my teacher that I like and that makes our class special? I was blushing at my desk and added that the movie could be all about how learning language and culture is so special!!!

We decided that it would be great to make a funny movie with a point. Sure, I'm a nice lady, but what is it about learning language and culture that makes us sing with joy???

Every student has access to video cameras which are palm-sized and numbered. This way, we can see what movies were made by whom. One of my students - Fred - has a camera of his own so he can upload the student footage to a hard drive and create from there.

Every pair or triad is making a movie and shooting footage and then there will be one coordinated movie which combines it all into an artistic whole. I could feel the air fill with excitement as students engaged in this process. I think that what they liked best was ordering me around!

"Hey, Maestra - walk there! No - this is the background, a little to the right!"

It's hysterical! They are up out of their seats and walking around, finding things to shoot and scenes to make.

Tomorrow, we have two senior classes and a free period which will help us get a lot done. The kids are in charge! I know that they can do it with the help of the Pearson team!

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