Monday, April 26, 2010

Picture The TOY around NJ

Joe and I are dressed up and ready for the Passaic County Ed Association Gala

Sue Clark & The Gloucester County Educational Association showed me hospitality after I spoke at a meeting!

Shirley Santos, Cumberland TOY, invited me to speak at the Legislative Dinner @ Cumberland County

The week ended with a wonderful day at the "One Step Beyond" conference, held at the Mercer Community College Conference Center. This was a cross-agency event which brought together diversity educators from all around the state to share our programs and ideas. Most notable for me was the selection on youth voices where Paul Winkler, head of the Holocaust Commission for NJ, asked selected teens to talk about their experiences in high schools around the area of race, disability, gender and ethnicity. Students shared freely and were able to help educators really experience their perspective in an important and intense way. It was an outstanding day!

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